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Table 1 Comparison of TGF-β 1 -induced fold change from ICAT and western blot

From: Splicosomal and serine and arginine-rich splicing factors as targets for TGF-β

  ICAT Westerna
SRp20 1,24b 8.1b
ASF/SF2 0,93 3.4b,c
SC35 - 3.4b,c
SRp30 0,79 3.4b,c
SRp40 1,11 3.5b
SRp55 1,01 3.0b
SRp75 1,00 3.0b
  1. aWestern blot were performed using an antibody that recognizes a phospho-epitope on SR proteins and not absolute protein levels.
  2. bP < 0.05.
  3. cThe band at around 30-kDa could consist of several splicing factors, all with the approximate molecular weight of 30 kDa.