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Table 1 Overview of studies intervening in the Wnt pathway following MI

From: Interventions in Wnt signaling as a novel therapeutic approach to improve myocardial infarct healing

Study Intervention Effect on Wnt pathway Outcome
Barandon et al. [23] FrzA overexpression Inhibition Reduced MI size and improved cardiac function
Barandon et al. [56] sFRP-1 overexpression Inhibition Decreased cardiac rupture and scar size
He et al. [54] sFRP-2 administration Inhibition Improved cardiac function
Kobayashi et al. [62] sFRP-2 deletion ? Decreased fibrosis and improved cardiac function
Matsushima et al. [63] sFRP-4 i.m. administration Inhibition Improved cardiac function
Saraswati et al. [64] Pyrvinium administration Inhibition Decreased LVIDD
Laeremans et al. [65] UM206 administration Inhibition Decreased infarct size and improved cardiac function
Hahn et al. [52] β-catenin Stimulation Decreased infarct size
Zelarayan et al. [68] Cardiomyocyte specific   
  - β-catenin depletion - Inhibition - Improved cardiac function
  - β-catenin stabilization - Stimulation - Opposite effects
  1. LVIDD, left ventricular internal diameter in diastole; MI, myocardial infarction; sFRP, soluble frizzled-related protein.